Take PRTTY PEAUSHUN With You Everywhere Now

Guess what?  The secret is out. You can now take PRTTY PEAUSHUN with you everywhere.  How is that possible, you say?  Well, the clever creator Bethany Karlyn finally came up with a cute, 3 oz. travel size that is perfect for sticking in your carry-on bag.

Bethany tells us what inspired her to create a smaller, travel-friendly size.  "We have been inundated with requests for a travel size since so many of our fans have had their Prtty Peaushun confiscated at airline security due to the size restriction for products in carry-ons. It’s easy to forget it’s in your bag since it’s a lightweight flexible pouch. It appears that women are hardest hit by this airline “beauty tax” that requires a payment of $25 or more to check luggage just because of full size personal care products. The decision to check or chuck can be a painful one. Now that Prtty Peaushun is here in a travel size, everyone is happy… except for our TSA sisters… Sorry! No more free packs of gorgeously glowing skin. You’re going to have to buy your own!"

This one-of-a-kind body lotion is actually multi-talented. Many makeup artists use it on their clients’ legs, faces and even hair!  You can choose from a few shades depending on your own skin tone – from light, medium, dark, or deep dark to plain, PRTTY PEAUSHUN is comprised of all-natural ingredients that not only make you look fabulous, but are also great for your skin.  Oh, and it’s even a natural insect repellant so you can now look fabulous 24/7 even in the most humid, mosquito-ridden places.

The 3 oz. travel size retails for $24 and if that’s just not enough, go ahead and get the 8 oz. for $39.