Back-to-School Beauty Statement Pencils

It’s that time of the year again when school is back in session.  But being the beauty junkie know-it-all that you are, you can stand apart from your peers with the coolest of cool #2 pencils. We’re talking about a product created by Breakups to Makeup, a brand that uses super cute cosmetic-related slogans on fun accessories. 

These three statement pencils come in a durable and eco-friendly case that is crush-proof, for the constant action it sees on the inside of a backpack.  Each one is a statement pencil – much like your signature lipstick color. They’re bold, fun and eye-catching.  From “Love Raised Me, Lipstick Saved Me” to “You Can’t Make Up With Us”, you can save them for yourself or give a specific pencil to someone who has deemed themselves unworthy and not makeup-able.

Pencils can be purchased individually for $5 or as a set of three for $15 on