Beautyblender® Sur.face® Pro Launch Blogger Event

In the heart of West Hollywood at The Grove, beautyblender® held a blogger event last week at Mixology to promote the launch of their latest item, sur.face® pro. It’s a clear, plastic makeup palette to help you match your foundations and concealers to your exact skin tone. 

Tip #1: Hold the palette in front of your face with the foundation on it to match it up to your skin.

It comes equipped with makeup wells to store your perfectly matched makeup as well as a spatula to easily scoop makeup off and onto the palette. 

Tip #2: Put the top back on to save your makeup for the day. You can even write on the numbered wells so you can remember what each product is. Genius!

beautyblender® creator Rea Ann Silva was in attendance giving how-to demonstrations. A team of makeup artists were also within hand’s reach to help freshen up our faces using Vincent Longo makeup. And their brand ambassador Erica Dickerson was in full attendance!


You can’t go wrong with a cute bartender (or are they called “mixologists” now?) giving a lesson on how to make a sur.face® protini.


There was even an artist who created a drawing of every blogger who attended!

sur.face pro is currently available online at Sephora for $40 and will be in some Sephora stores mid-August.