Lorna Soonhee Umphrey: My 3 Fave Things

It’s towards the end of the summer season and even when the heat gets so unbearable, I call upon my emergency beauty essentials to help keep me hydrated, smelling good and feeling relaxed. The hot sun can dry out your skin making you feel almost lizard-like so it's always important to find a good body lotion, then tone the skin for a purifying experience and if you just give up - head to the spa, girlfriend! 

One of my all-time fave body lotions is made by LaLicious.  They just came out with all new packaging with an uber fancy design, and I am obsessing over the Hydrating Body Butter in Brown Sugar Vanilla.  It has a warm, comforting scent (almost like a freshly baked cake) that can lift any mood. It goes on thick and rich, which I love, because it makes me feel like it’s really hydrating my body.  It’s also paraben-free which is even better for my eco-conscious soul. 

I’m already a huge fan of Diptyque candles but when I heard that they came out with a skincare line, I nearly fainted with glee.  One of my favorites from their new collection is the Diptyque Infused Facial Water.  Why am I so obsessed? Because it’s a multi-functional product that tones, cleanses and moisturizes. It also smells heavenly because it’s made from a hydrolate of Damask rose as well as a mix of nine other plants and flowers. Another tip: you can also mix the facial water with their Radiance Boosting Powder to create an amazing exfoliant.

And to top it off, I love to visit one of my favorite spas: exhale Hollywood.  I must start off by saying that the spa in the Hollywood location (Loews Hollywood Hotel) is an experience to be had. This brand new spa is what I would call a “zen den” equipped with seven spa therapy rooms, a steam room, a mani/pedi lounge, two co-ed zen lounges…okay, I would go on but you get the picture.  I decompressed and, admittedly, fell briefly asleep while I experienced the Exhale True Facial with a Cranberry Crush Mask by the amazing esthetician, Lenora.  This treatment is super moisturizing and the cranberry enzymes help purify and exfoliate the skin. Oh, and don’t despair, there are 20 exhale spas around the country, so I would suggest looking up the nearest one to you!

Exhale Spa - Zen Lounge