Christian Louboutin Launches Rouge Collection – Nail Polish!

Take a deep breath and relax in the luxurious grandeur of Christian Louboutin’s new nail polish line, “Rouge Collection”.  Inspired by the tallest heel Christian Louboutin has ever created (the Ballerina Ultima), the cap’s length comes in at eight inches, and is meant to inspire women to slow down their beauty application process and luxuriate in the moment.  This highly pigmented formula delivers the same amount of color in two coats that would take twenty of a traditional polish.

For a small investment ($50), you can purchase a bottle of his top-of-the-line polish. You would receive it in a patented leather-like box, fully equipped with a tall, thin slender cap to apply polish.  The full Rouge Collection consists of 30 colors and will be available for purchase starting August 31st in Saks stores or online.  And if you simply can’t wait any longer, you may purchase the self-titled Rouge Collection in red directly from the Louboutin website.