Skip The Spa. Are Medical Facilities The New Place To Seek Out Facials?


I recently visited Cosmetique Aesthetics for the first time, and wasn’t even sure what to expect. All I knew was that I was in desperate need of a facial, and ready to get my exfoliation on with a qualified esthetician. So, what’s the difference between a medical facility and a day spa? Well, my friends, at a medical facility, they can offer many more treatments for your face and body than a regular spa can, plus there’s a plastic surgeon on staff overseeing the facility. The medical facility can offer immediate advice on your skin condition, and use more extensive procedures, such as Botox and Laser Skin Resurfacing, which you wouldn’t be able to get at a regular day spa.

When I arrived at Cosmetique Aesthetics, I was greeted by an incredibly nice staff and even got to meet the founder Ramin Arshad, MD. After grabbing a little welcome snack, I was scooted off to the esthetician’s room where she carefully asked me questions about my skin to better assess what products and techniques she’d use on my face. I have super sensitive skin and ok, I’m a wimp too, so I quickly expressed my objection to the microdermabrasion wand and any sort of chemical peel. Given this information, she was able to completely customize a skincare regime to meet my needs and comfort level. I was also able to ask her additional questions about anti-aging fixes (ahem, botox and the like) and was able to get first-hand advice on what my options were, which was the nice part of being at a medical facility.

For the next hour, my skin was calmly and serenely exfoliated, cleansed, moisturized and massaged. When I finally woke from my zenned-out facial nap, I found my skin to be super soft and glowing. It was so pristine that I didn’t put on makeup for the rest of the day. Now I know where to go if I want to take on any additional “fountain of youth” remedies, and where to get amazing facials!