How This Sustainable Skincare Brand is Helping To Save Mother Earth


With so many eco-friendly skincare options out there in the beauty market, it’s hard to decide which one is right for you and we’ve found one that should be at the top of your list. LOLI (Living Organic Loving Ingredients) is a sustainable skincare line that is comprised of so many things starting with being raw, fair trade and non GMO. Need we say more? Oh and it’s the world’s first zero waste organic beauty brand.

Founder Tina Hedges wanted to create a skincare line that was 100% sustainable - from the compostable packaging to food grade formulas that don’t require using water as a filler. Plus the nice bonus is that you can reuse the glass yogurt jars that many of the products come in. The brand’s humanity even extends to giving back to organizations that help stop people trafficking - for every $75 spent, a dollar charitable donation is made.

The LOLI product range includes oils/serums, moisturizers, cleaners/toners, masks/scrubs and hair products. Their number one best-selling product (and a personal fave of ours) is their Plum Elixir ($28 - mini size; $68 - full size). This concoction is like the superhero of oils as it has so many purposes and is great for the face and hair. It’s comprised of a vegan MADE SAFE® oil in a blend of four organic-food grade seed oils which include plum kernel oil, pomegranate, tea seed oil and sea buckthorn. This serum can be used as a makeup primer or moisturizer. Apply a few drops on dry hair for added smoothness and shine or massage into the scalp before shampooing as a heavenly scalp treatment. For a bonus glowy skin tip, add a few drops into a face scrub or mask.

Plum Elixir.jpg

Another fave product that we tested out was the Chia Carrot Brulee ($22 - mini size) which is a skin balm created from chia seeds, carrot seed oil, beeswax, and sea buckthorn. Fun fact - chia seeds are a superfood and also nature’s top source of omega-3s. To use, warm up a pea-sized amount of balm between the fingers, then apply to skin. To use as a cleanser, remove with a warm damp towel or leave on the skin to hydrate and help diminish fine lines as a facial moisturizer. This balm can also be mixed in with a few drops of a LOLI mix-in water and applied to damp skin for added moisture.

Chia Carrot Souffle.jpg

LOLI is currently available online.