Why You Need This Sustainable Bamboo Toilet Paper & How It's Saving Trees


Toilet paper is a necessity and a multi-daily use product. Often we don’t really think too much about it when we’re scanning the long aisles of paper products at our local grocery store but No. 2 has come along to change the way we, as consumers, purchase and pretty much use TP. New to the market, this eco-friendly, sustainable toilet paper company has clever and memorable hashtags such as #byebyebuttcrumble and #reduceyourcarbonbuttprint which we’ll explain.

While most toilet paper companies offer 2-ply paper which often becomes a less desirable situation in the loo, No. 2’s toilet paper is 3-ply therefore being much stronger when used thus offering a relief to that “butt crumble” situation that often happens with 2-ply. The paper is made out of 100% bamboo paper and here’s a fun fact - bamboo is a super fast growing plant - like it can grow up to more than a meter per day, unlike an ordinary tree. As a renewable resource, it takes much less time to recover from harvesting than a normal tree which can take anywhere from 20 to 50 years. Not to mention, on the daily, when global toilet paper is produced, it consumes 27,000 trees every single day. By using No. 2’s bamboo toilet paper now, over the course of your lifetime, you will save up to 384 trees.

Let’s talk about their very cute and color packaging which is printed with soy ink and arrives in a fully recyclable carton which contains 24 individually paper wrapped rolls offered in 7 designs to choose from. (And hello, #reduceyourcarbonbuttprint explained!) If you’re at a loss as to how much toilet paper you use per week or month, have no fear as they offer a handy dandy quiz calculator that can be used to determine how much toilet paper you’d need to order. You can either purchase a la carte cartons or subscribe in weekly increments and score a 3% discount.

No. 2 is currently offered on their website.