A City Girl’s Must-Have Body Exfoliator


Living in a busy city you will most likely find yourself surrounded by toxins and air pollutants. Perhaps you never realized how much your skin and absorbs this pernicious city scum, but Orico has come up with a solution with their new product, Skin Jive Revving Body Exfoliator ($31). This organic body scrub contains Kigelia Extract, Baobag Oil and Coconut, which are all ingredients that help exfoliate dead skin cells on the body. Skin is moisturized and elasticity is improved from the Kigelia Extract. There are high levels of vitamins A, D, E and F as well as various nutrients and minerals in Baobag Oil, intensifying hydration in the skin.  With a hint of mandarin and orange essence, this aroma-therapeutic citrus blend helps ease tension and stress, so you (and your skin) can navigate those city streets feeling carefree and clean.

Orico’s Skin Jive Revving Body Exfoliator is available at skinstore and Orico London