The Importance Of Brush Cleansing


Sure, you think about it. But how often do you it? We’re talking about cleaning your makeup brushes. Ideally you should clean your brushes after every use but who has time for it? We sure don’t, but to make life a little easier, we tested out a few different cleansers from solid soaps to brush sprays and here’s what we came up with.

blendercleanser solid ($16)
Naturally if you use a beautyblender in your makeup routine, then you’ll most likely already know about blendercleanser solid to clean your beautyblender. But, did you know that it’s an amazing soap to use to cleanse your brushes as well? Just wet your brush, swish it on the solid soap, rinse and let the bristles air dry overnight. And if you don’t fancy a solid soap, they also offer up a liquid blendercleanser ($18) that you can use to suds up all of your brushes and blenders at once.

Japonesque Solid Brush Cleanser ($20)
This travel-friendly cleansing soap from Japonesque gets your brushes super clean with its gentle goat’s milk formula. This ingredient allows brush bristles to get some deep cleaning and conditioning action that it desperately needs. (No judgment here!) And it smells absolutely heavenly! It comes in a 2 oz. canister, which is bound to last a long time, so there are no more excuses for having dirty brushes anymore.

Sephora Collection / The Natural: Citrus Brush Cleanser ($11.50)
If patience does not exist in your vocabulary, then The Natural Citrus Brush Cleanser by Sephora is the answer to your problems.  Simply spray the cleanser onto your favorite brush (synthetic or natural), swipe it on a cloth or paper towel and you’re good to go. (Drying time does vary on the size of the bristles, natural or synthetic and the temperature of the room.) Formulated by Parian Spirit, this cleanser is a cult classic, is tough enough to clean off adhesives, glues and mascaras and it comes in a lovely, citrus scent.