Find Out Why This French Hand Sanitizer Is Quickly Taking Over The U.S.


Did you ever think it was possible to actually clean your hands with beets instead of staining them? Then you need to get more acquainted with the french beauty brand, Merci Handy, which just launched in the U.S. This fun rainbow colored insta-worthy collection of hand sanitizing gels and hand creams are vegan, cruelty-free and made of a formula that is 98% natural, where the alcohol is derived from beets. With a vibrantly hued array of hand cleansing gels and hand creams, you can choose from frolicsome scents and colors such as: Flower Power, Hello Sunshine, Unicorn Edition, Namaste, Cross the Lime and Mystic Fruits.

Hailing from France, the founders of Merci Handy Louis Marty and Roland Jais-Nielsen were schoolmates who wanted to come up with a simple yet natural brand. Says Louis, “At Merci Handy, we think that life is rich, beautiful and surprising, but that our often too serious everyday lives can sometimes prevent us from seeing the colours in it. We’re excited to expand our brand and bring practical cosmetics with a side of colorful rainbows and unicorns to the U.S. market.” What’s next for them? Slime Shower Gel that comes in the form of a glittery texture in one of the fun rainbow scents and also a deodorant free of aluminum, alcohol and parabens.

Merci Handy hand cleansing gels and hand creams are currently sold in American Eagle, Riley Rose and C.O. Bigelow.