4 Reasons Your Hair Will No Longer Be Dry

Frederic Fekkai PrX Shampoo
Frederic Fekkai ReparativesConditioner
Frederic Fekkai PrX Reparatives Mask
Frederic Fekkaie PrX Reparatives Elixir

Don’t you hate it when your hair is fried, dried and frazzled and the salon is not in your budget? Worry no more… Fredric Fekkai has come to your hair rescue! His new line, Fekkai PrX Reparatives Collection, contains argan oil extracts that boost hair strands and protect them from further damage to the hair.  The PrX Reparatives Shampoo ($19.99) and PrX Reparatives Conditioner ($19.99) have a thick, luxurious feel to the formula and after I used them for a few days, my hair felt transformed. It was so silky and shiny that I was asked if I had recently gotten a haircut. The formula has a combination of vanilla and sandalwood so your hair will smell amazing. No need to wear perfume! For uber moisture, apply the PrX Reparatives Mask ($24.99) once a week or whenever you need extra conditioning. And top off your hair with the PrX Reparatives Elixir ($24.99). This serum is great to put on hair when it’s wet to lock in shine and keep those frizzies away.

The Fekkai PrX Reparatives Collection is currently available in Frederic Fekkai salons, online and in select retailers.