Find Out What A Day In The Life Of Top Beauty Publicist Kate Morgan of Morgan Publicity Is Really Like


With the fast paced world of the beauty industry, it takes the best of the best to not just tread water but to literally walk on water which is what Kate Morgan of Morgan Publicity does for her clients. Working around the clock, servicing various time zones while also balancing a toddler at home, we wanted to find out how she balances her busy schedule while not completely losing her mind. With an impressive client roster such as Dr. Pimple Popper aka Dr. Sandra Lee (who just recently won a Critics Choice Award for Female Star of the Year), WOW Skin Science and purlisse - to name just a few, we couldn’t help but ponder - when does she have time to sleep? We sat down to chat with Kate so could give us the lowdown on a day-in-the-life of a busy publicist, how she juggles her busy work/mom life and why her agency is truly one of the best in the biz.

What inspired you to want to go into beauty PR?
My first major PR job was spearheading a leading Beauty Communications Agency in London, and a decade and some change later - I have stayed in the beauty, health and wellness industry; now leading my own agency: Morgan Publicity. I developed an interest in the beauty space as a teenager, and that certainly set the blueprint for my career choice!  

You’re regarded as being at the top of your field in the beauty industry. And while every day is not exactly “typical”, can you walk us through what your day is like on an average day? 
I start my day checking my emails for any urgent client and press matters. As a PR, you have to be in the know, which is why I subscribe to The Skimm - which breaks down the major headlines within a ten minute read; keeping me up-to-date on current affairs in the time it takes to enjoy my morning coffee (< PR HACK!)

I am a working mom/mum: after my child care arrives - if I am not traveling, heading to a meeting, or leading an event - I join my team at the office and I start the media engagement process. 

I'll typically be back home for 5pm for 'mommy/mummy time'. Once my son goes to bed, I log back on! My inbox is never empty, and I am dealing with various time zones - I manage PR efforts for clients in the UK, US, Asia, Canada. I need to always be 'tapped in' in order to maintain the reputation I have built, and indeed service my brands in the upmost capacity. In short, this means the 9-5 does not exist! 

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about being a beauty publicist? 
PR never sleeps! But, you'll have access to the best concealers in the business to hide the fact. HA! 

Being a PR is a tremendous responsibility; you are your clients mouth piece to the media aka: the general public. You have to be cognoscenti at all times. The beauty industry alone in the US generates a revenue of over 80 billion dollars  - meaning being a beauty PR is a serious undertaking; this is where and how the public like to spend their disposable income

What sets Morgan Publicity apart from all the other PR agencies out there? 
We are transparent with our goals and achievements: to garner top tier earned (not paid for) media placements within Tier A publications, worldwide. Our clients avoid the route of traditional advertising - which can easily set a brand back 6 figures per placement - by enlisting Morgan Publicity's services to get that same calibre of placement, but without the 6-figure price tag. We produce press placements of the highest quality and quantity - which is why we have a high demand for our services worldwide. For example, a brand of ours - Wow Skin Science - is currently the NUMBER ONE SKU on Amazon in its category, and generates 1.4 million in sales p/month. Another client of ours, Dr. Pimple Popper, was just awarded Female Star of the Year at the Critics Choice Awards, beating Chrissy Teigen, Marie Kondo and other leading women in the media business. We represent the best of the best, and there is a reason they trust Morgan to manage their Press Offices! 

If we raided your handbag, what beauty products would we find inside?
I can't live without my bareMinerals Original SPF15 Foundation. I started using the product when I worked for the company as their PR, and it has been my go-to staple ever since! It is the best mineral foundation on the market. I always have some Peace Out Acne Healing Dots to hand (another Morgan brand!) as an emergency remedy should a pimple arise. It kicks them pesky spots to the curb in 6 hours flat - ideal if I have to work a red carpet and I need to be camera ready!