CURA Skincare Founder Dr. Michelle Tu Chats About The Benefits of Calcium & Gets Real About Being A Boss Lady

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We all know that calcium is good for strong bones, most likely after watching a barrage of milk commercials, but do you know about the many benefits of calcium for your skin? That’s where Dr. Michelle Tu steps in, she founded her own skincare line called CURA Skincare, which uses a key component, you guessed it - calcium! With CURA, she’s developed her own fountain of youth products which help protect and renew skin by creating a unique RENOVOCEL Complex (a mix of calcium, green tea, and caffeine). Here, we chat with Dr. Tu about how she came up with the idea of CURA, the struggles of being an entrepreneur in the early days, and divulges on her own at-home spa night.

I love the story of how you worked with burn patients and discovered the amazing benefits of calcium. At that time, were you even thinking about developing your own skincare line to sell to the public?
Not at all! The idea came to life soon after I finished my PhD, when I decided to take a graduation trip to Southeast Asia. I happened to stumble upon a beauty store and discovered all of these unique skincare products. That’s when I had my “aha” moment and thought about incorporating calcium into skincare products to help slow down the aging process and restore skin health. When I realized that there were hardly any products on the market using calcium, I decided to develop my own formulas and launch CURA.


You have such a scientific background. Did you find it challenging trying CURA Skincare and the benefits without sounding too technical to the beauty industry when you first started your skincare line?
The struggle was so real. In the beginning, I remember explaining the skin benefits of calcium to beauty industry veterans and getting all these confused or glazed looks. If I wanted their attention and to get them as excited as I was about CURA, I had to work on distilling all of that important science information into something they could truly understand and appreciate. I think my ability to communicate the benefits of CURA and calcium has gotten better over the past few years, but I’m always working on ways to improve my pitch.

What is one of your fave skincare rituals?
Definitely my quickie at-home facial: gentle exfoliation, cleansing with CURA’s facial cleanser, a hot steamy towel over my face for 5-10 minutes, followed by a hydrating face mask, and then locking in all that hydration with CURA’s calcium moisturizer!

What other beauty or makeup products are staples in your beauty regimen?
I am obsessed with Bite Beauty lipsticks, they’re super hydrating and offer so many great colors. I also really love combining marula oil with CURA’s moisturizer for a boost of hydration. For a good winged eyeliner I rely on L’Oreal Lineur Intense and for everyday looks I stick with Makeup Forever Aqua XL eyeliner.

As we’re nearing Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for this year?
This year I’m especially grateful for all of the incredible women entrepreneurs I’ve met and been inspired by. The wisdom, mentorship, and opportunities they’ve offered me have been invaluable and I am so honored to know such hardworking, passionate women. Living in such polarized times, it’s really refreshing to see so many women empowering and supporting each other.  

What’s next for you? 
Hopefully a nice long, relaxing break after the holidays! Once I get a good amount of ‘me time’ in, I’ll be eager to start working on a few new product launches for 2019. Stay tuned!