Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor Gives Advice On Fillers & Those Trendy Vitamin Drips


Known as the Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor, Dr. Ehsan Ali has worked with celebs such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Liam Hemsworth - to name a few. He's in hot demand these days offering up services ranging from fillers and IV Vitamin Drips to the everyday needs of his patients as a board certified Internal and Geriatric Medicine doctor. One might wonder when he ever sleeps as he's also a Doctor on Demand and is available 24/7 for house calls.  We sat down with Dr. Ali to get his advice on getting fillers for a newbie, how he balances his busy schedule, and why everyone should get an IV Vitamin Drip. 

What inspired you to come up with the idea of being the “Beverly Hills Concierge Doctor”? 
With so many high profile people in the LA area, I always knew there was a need for a doctor who would be available 24 hours and make housecalls. I decided to open my doors and it's been successful from day one!

As Beverly Hills is known as the plastic surgery city, what is the most common face “enhancement” procedure are you called to do? 
Fillers (Juvederm) have become the most popular because there are many advantages and uses. Fillers can be used to fill out sunken in/hollow eyes that give that "tired" look in addition to enhancing the lips and jaw line.  They can also be used to fill out major wrinkles instead of or in addition to botox. Results are immediate and last up to several months.

Are these procedures mostly done at the office or is it a house call? 
I provide the services both in the office and have gone to patients homes as well.

What kind of advice can you give someone who is curious about getting a filler or injection in their face? 
Make sure you don't overdo it. You want to keep everything looking natural! It's easier to put more in if needed, but you cannot take it out.

Like many of us juggling many things in one day all the time, how do you balance work vs. downtime? 
That's a great question! I am ALWAYS busy and people are calling me around the clock. I force myself to stop working between 5 pm-10 pm to spend time with the family or go for a workout so that I can maintain a balance. I will have other doctors cover for me when I take that break. It's important not to burn yourself out!

Do you have any wellness routine recommendations? 
I do. It's really all about the basics and I like to practice what I preach. Exercise is so important, I work out 5 times per week. I eat very healthy Monday-Friday and I drink about 3 liters of water per day. I also make sure I get 7 hours of sleep per night (or try my best). With that basic regimen, I feel I keep my mental and physical health while slowing down the aging process, such as gray hairs and wrinkles.

The IV Vitamin Drips seem to be all the rage these days. Why do you think that is? 
There are so many benefits to it! People often feel a burst of energy immediately. With so many people not getting sufficient hydration and vitamins, and feeling fatigued all the time, this is a great way for a quick pick me up that doesn't involve taking medicine or artificial supplements.

Are there different types of vitamin drips for different types of people? 
Yes, the drip can be customized but most people prefer the Myers Cocktail, which includes all the vitamins and minerals you need!

The hot summer days are really starting to kick in. What are the best things we can do for our skin and body to ensure maximum hydration?
Avoid prolonged sun exposure, use sunscreen regularly, and keeping a water bottle on you at all times to stay hydrated.