How To Say ‘So Long’ To Dark Circles Under The Eyes

PO-puffyeyes-shot-1 (1).jpg

No one particularly enjoys looking like they’re tired, like actually really truly tired. One of the dead giveaways is puffy eyes or those murky hollowed out looking dark circles under your eyes that even a ton of concealer can’t hide. I encountered those monstrous circles recently when I took a long flight overseas to Singapore. Wanting to look somewhat fresh when I hopped off my 20+ hour-long flight, I did a little pre-landing skincare prep work which involved a sheet mask (one of the many hundreds that I use!) and I popped on these smart Peace Out Puffy Eyes ($25).

These genius patches were created with a bio-cellulose stem cellular technology. And now you’re asking – what does that mean and more importantly, how will that erase my dark circles? Well, it means that the fibers that the patches are made out of are 1000x thinner than human hair which means the super smart formula (containing goodness such as Passion Fruit extract, Betaine, and Ice Plant Stem Cells) absorbs more quickly and 50% deeper into the skin; thus, hydrating the skin much more efficiently.

I surreptitiously applied these eye patches on my flight, waiting 15 minutes, then boom! My skin looked hydrated as if I hadn’t just wrecked myself from flying across the world in a day. What’s also great about these patches is that they’re 100% compostable, which means they degrade over several months leaving no toxic residue on mother earth, plus they’re cruelty-free.

Peace Out Puffy Eyes are exclusively sold at Sephora.