This Natural Face Wipe Is A Multi-Tasker


You know those evenings before going to bed when you’re just too dang tired to take off your makeup? Yea, I’m guilty of it, but I know that a mere baby wipe won’t always do the trick in really cleaning my face of dirt and a makeup. With all the options on the market, I wanted to check out what kind of natural wipes were out there, and I ran across the brand Ursa Major. Their Essential Face Wipes ($24 for a box of 20) are bamboo wipes made from a 4-in-1 face tonic formula that cleanses, exfoliates, heals and hydrates. The smell is hypnotic, as if you just stepped out of a spa in the woods, and is comprised of orange, fir and lavender. These wipes are perfect for traveling, too, as they’re individually wrapped so you can whip one out just before a red-eye. And if you totally fall in love with these wipes, you’ll be jumping for joy that they also offer a full skincare line for men and women.

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes are available at