Forget Going Under The Knife! Try These Youth-Enhancing Treatments


Summer is gone, gone, gone but your fresh skin glow doesn’t have to disappear. We found some beauty tricks to get back that dewy-ness without undergoing drastic measures. Here are three treatments that will make you look like you’ve just sipped from the fountain of youth.


IPL or Intensed Pulse Light, commonly known as a photo facial, is best suited for sun damaged or photo-aged skin. This procedure rejuvenates skin through delivering broadband light through the skin.

Recommended Clinic: Skin Laundry which is located in various locations in Southern California, New York, Arizona and Hong Kong.


Chemical Peel which removes the top layer of your damaged skin which sounds more drastic than it is. The topical solution applied gets rid of the dead skin cells allowing the skin to heal, creating an increase of cell growth thus forming a new layer of skin to create that new skin glow.

Recommended Clinic: Beauty & Melody which is located in London.


Microdermabrasian is a treatment where a powerful spray of aluminum oxide crystals are sprayed on the face using a hand-held device. It’s almost like your face is being scrubbed with super fine sandpaper.

Recommended Clinic: Aeonium Integrative Skincare Clinic which is located in Los Angeles.


(via Olivia Palermo)