Slather on Kiehl’s This Winter for Ultimate Hydration


It’s cold. It’s dry. And your face hurts… so much that it’s starting to crack like the Grand Canyon. But Kiehl’s has come to the rescue with their Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm ($27.50). This new product contains extracts from Edelweiss, the most resilient flower on the planet, making this your next-level moisturizer. Why? If an Edelweiss flower can exist in harmful conditions and the high altitudes of the Swiss Alps, just imagine what it can do for your face. Throw in a bit of Antarcticine and Squalane, which help the skin to store and retain moisture, and you’ve got beautifully hydrated skin all winter long.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm is available online and at Kiehl’s stores.