I Tried 100% Pure’s Skincare Products…Now My Husband Is A Fan, Too!

Looking to perk up tired skin? Look no further. In my quest to discover the best and brightest in non-toxic beauty, I have stumbled across something that I knew even my husband would like. Let me be clear, this was not an easy task. He's not the kind of guy who enjoys getting his nails done, nor does he understand the deep and abiding love that people (like me) can have for skin and beauty products. But when I found this line, I knew I hit gold. 

Founded in 2005, 100% pure makes cruelty-free, organic products that are completely free of harmful toxins, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, and synthetic chemical preservatives. Their wide range of products cover skin, body, hair and nails, and include even things for baby. While there are many products I still need/want to try, a few of my hubby and my favorites, so far, are these:

The Caffeine Mask ($7) - Caffeine is anti-inflammatory, stimulates circulation and soothes redness. The hydrogel mask, composed of organic aloe water and plant cellulose, delivers active ingredients to intensely hydrate your entire face. The longer you leave it on, the more water gets absorbed. My husband loved the delicate smell of the mask and the feel of his skin after. It's not easy getting him to sit and relax, but the cut outs in the mask allowed him to lie back and read for the required 15-20 minutes.


Bright Eyes Mask ($7) - Love these highly caffeinated eye masks that brighten and de-puff. If you're like me and you haven't been sleeping nearly as much as you should, you’ll also fall for these instantly cooling and soothing masks. My husband especially liked them, because they really stayed in place and allowed him to sit at the computer and work at the same time. 


Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream ($25) - When so many eye creams have strong flowery smells, this one smells like delicious hints of vanilla and coffee. You don't need much, and absorbs into the skin easily. Concentrated with anti-aging vitamins, antioxidants and rosehip oil, this incredible eye cream helps make the eye area appear more awake and more youthful. My husband, who never does much more to his skin than wash his face, keeps stealing it from me. 


So check out 100percentpure.com. The website boasts deals all the time, as well as free shipping and returns.