How A Pillowcase Changed My Beauty Sleep


I can’t wait to share my latest beauty secret…and would you ever guess it’s about a pillowcase?! That’s right, the most amazing, super soft silk pillowcase by Australian brand Shhh Silk ($139 for a 2-pack) has created a genius beauty sleep aid that also looks fabulous on your bed.

There are so many benefits of sleeping on silk, from your hair to your skin, so allow me to explain. You know how you wake up from the most amazing deep sleep with a possible dream about Chris Hemsworth only to find lovely “sheet marks” on your face that last much longer than they should? That’s because you’re sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, which sucks out hydration from your face. Silk doesn’t do that! Sleeping on silk also helps you extend your blowout and prevent split ends, which are generally caused by friction on a cotton pillowcase. Oh, and can we talk about the anti-aging benefits? Because Shhh Silk keeps the face cool at night, this helps your body to release melatonin, which is an important anti-aging hormone. Wow, all that in a pillowcase? Yes, it’s true.

The Shhh Silk Pillowcases are currently available online