How To De-Puff Your Eyes In 10 Zen Minutes


Ten minutes, you say? Yes, ten minutes. That’s all you need to decompress, de-stress, and most importantly, de-puff those tired eyes of yours. These three “D’s” can all be found in the TALIKA Eye Decompress ($25). This ingenious two-part pack allows you to hydrate your eye mask immediately once you open the blue liquid blister pack and insert the cloth mask. The mask quickly absorbs all the liquid, so you have a nice, fresh eye mask ready to go as if you were at a spa.

I decided to lie down on my couch, close my eyes, and place the mask over them. Remember, ten minutes really isn’t that long, and it’s nice to take a digital detox every now and then. I put on the suggested relaxing meditation by Arnaud Caby, an Iyengar yoga professor, and tried to settle my inner thoughts. As I listened and relaxed a bit more, I thought I heard bells, and realized that I had slightly fallen asleep within that short time span and was ready to see my results.

I took off the mask and lightly patted my skin where the mask had been to make sure all of those good ingredients were being soaked in. When I went to the mirror, I did notice less puffiness and redness around my eyes. This can be attributed to the natural, active ingredient formula, which includes Japanese rose petals, escin, vegetal anti-pollution film, and chamomile and cornflower waters. All of these components together are healing, aiding as a decongestant to help diminish dark circles, smooth the eye contour, and hydrate. I will definitely be adding this product into my weekly skincare routine with the added bonus of a 10 minute nap, er, meditation.