5 Skincare Products To Help Fight The Winter Doldrums


It’s only January, but this winter is already rearing its icy, ugly head. Nothing is more frustrating than finding that perfect balance to nourish skin that’s beaten by the cold outdoors, then suddenly struck by dry indoor heat! We’ve put together our top 5 choices to help hydrate, smooth, cleanse, destress and recharge that worn out winter skin.

Collosol Eau de Lait ($18)
It’s the end of the day, and after fighting the wintry elements, sometimes you just want to quickly pass over your face with makeup remover. That doesn’t mean going to bed with makeup still on your face, but this gentle milky makeup remover is great for cleansing the face without taking that second step of having to wash your face off in the sink. Popular since the 1950’s amongst the French, many still to this day double Collosol as a bath product, dropping a few capfuls in warm water and soaking up the hydrating goodness and sweet fragrance.


SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic ($165)
This Vitamin C-packed serum is great for all skin types and works to protect skin against the free radicals of the environment that contribute to accelerated skin aging. While it might not be very sunny out in the winter, your skin can still be subjected to UVA/UVB rays which can damage skin. This serum works to fight those elements plus infrared radiation and ozone pollution to help brighten up your skin’s complexion, lines and wrinkles. Apply 4-5 drops on a dry face in the morning, then follow with your skincare routine.


This Works stress check face mask ($59)
When your skin can’t handle constantly jumping from the outside cold weather to the heated office space, and wants to revolt, calm it down with a nourishing and re-balancing face mask. Filled with a signature oil blend, and antioxidants such as turmeric oil and rose root, this mask is applied as a thin layer over the face. Sit back and relax while you inhale essences of patchouli, lavender and chamomile for 10 minutes. Rinse and feel hydrated and de-stressed.



Golden Door Hinoki Body Moisturizer ($20-$44)
Sometimes the dead of winter makes your skin feel as scaly as a molting snake. And when that happens, the search is on for the perfect body lotion, which is why this product should be your favorite this winter. Chock full of oils such as palm, jojoba and sesame, slather on this fast-absorbing body butter for instant hydration. And know that you’re supporting a good cause; 100% of Golden Door’s profits go towards select children’s charities!



Baxter of California Super Shape Skin Recharge Cream ($36)
For the man in your life who also suffers from dry winter skin (but maybe doesn’t want to admit it), this fragrance-free skin cream is perfect for leaving skin hydrated, but without a greasy residue. Composed of Vigna extracts that work to fight fine lines plus soy proteins and apricot oil for firmness, this gel-cream is great for morning and evening use.