How Crayola Beauty Came Out With The Ultimate Makeup Throwback


Who doesn’t love a good walk down memory lane like when you were a kid playing around with your 64-count Crayola set laboring over whether to use burnt sienna or fuzzy wuzzy brown. The luxury of so many colors choices to choose from was almost overwhelming. Fast forward to your adulting years, and Crayola is back but with their very own makeup with the namesake Crayola Beauty.

180228_ASOSxCRAYOLA0035 _NOTES.jpg

Prepare for your mind to be blown away as this new vegan and cruelty-free assortment of beauty products offers up 95 shades in a 58-piece collection. Their gender fluid product range includes crayons for the face, lip + cheek, color change lip crayons as well as highlighters, mascaras, palettes for the eyes, face and lips, a brush kit, and makeup trios with all of these products featured in their signature Crayola style of packaging. Products range from $15-$40 so it might be best to hide these from the little ones in your house who might mistake these for real crayons.

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