Why This Fragrance Is The Perfect Gift For A Gal or Guy


With the holiday season slowly ramping up, we all know those Type A folks that like to check off their holiday gift list early. You know, those people in your life who are like, “I’m all done with my holiday shopping and it’s just the beginning of December so I can relax now,” while you’re scrambling on Dec. 24th trying to fight the crowds and tick all those names on your list.

This year, think outside of the box with COMMODITY’S Bergamot parfum spray (3.4 oz. / $135). This gender-neutral fragrance is just mild enough for a woman, yet now too flowery for a man. The key notes of Italian Bergamot, which BTW is derived from a hybrid of lemon and bitter orange to create a luxurious citrusy scent, is mixed in with notes of wood, amber and amyris oil from the Dominican Republic. The packaging is sophisticated, and the design of the bottle is modern enough to be suitable for the lady or man in your life who want to fancy up their vanity or bedroom dresser.

COMMODITY Bergamot is currently available online.