We Answer All Of Your Questions About Botox




Botox. It could be your best friend as gravity starts to set in. It’s your saving grace after realizing those long days of sunning yourself with baby oil have crept up on you in the form of crow’s feet and wrinkled foreheads. But really, what’s the deal with Botox? At what age should you start? And how often should you do it? And does it hurt? We’re answering all of your questions with the help of Ramin Sarshad, MD, founder of the med spa, Cosmetique Aesthetics.  

What are the benefits of using Botox as opposed to other non-surgical treatments? 
When administered in the hands of a good injector, Botox provides a youthful and natural look with little to no downtime.  

Is it bad to get Botox as early as your 20’s? 
No, it is not a bad idea to get Botox in your early 20s.  Especially if you have deep lines that could potentially settle into scars. If you start early, you can prevent them from becoming permanent. 

How often should you get Botox? 
I generally recommend 3 times a year.

Does it hurt to get injected? 
Botox can be administered painlessly. 

How long do the results last? 
Results usually last three to four months, but it varies from patient to patient.

Is it true that once you start getting Botox, you have to continue the treatment or your skin gets worse wrinkles? 
No, that is not a true statement. Botox is used to help slow down the aging process. Once someone stops using Botox the aging process will continue as normal.

Botox is also known to help remedy other ailments. What other benefits can be found using Botox?
Botox is a wonderful product that also helps to reduce severe headaches & migraines, neck lines, and can even soften pronounced masseter (jaw bone) muscles.