Natural Beauty Products You Need To Use This Summer


Summer is here! And the need for good products is real. But summer doesn't have to mean dry or tired looking skin and hair. I've scoured the best and brightest in clean, natural, cruelty-free beauty to bring you a few of my absolute favorite new finds. I promise, these must-haves will leave you feeling radiant and ready to face the summer sun!

1. W3ll People - This brand is based on simplicity, authenticity and performance, and the "Expressionist Mascara" absolutely performs. In fact, it's fantastic. It not only creates bold, fluffy lashes, but is highly pigmented and goes on really easily. The brush has a cascade shape, so it truly helps to define the lashes. Best of all, it nourishes them too. It even comes in four great colors. Definitely try the classic black.

2. Hurraw! lip balm - I cannot say enough good things about these incredibly affordable balms. Made with premium raw ingredients, they're vegan, they're smooth, and they come in over 20 flavors. Did I mention they're also not waxy? I highly suggest you try the moon balm, made of blue chamomile and vanilla, or the black cherry tinted, which gives you a small zip of color. You won't be disappointed. 

3. Bottega Organica - This brand is a find. Designed by scientists who screened thousands of plants for cell-rejuvenating qualities, these products contain plant extracts with significant anti-aging action. Who doesn't like that!? What’s better, is that a minimum of 10% of all profits from sales are donated to organizations involved in cancer cure and prevention. I highly recommend the "Extra-nourishing hand formula" in orange. It's a dry hand’s dream, soaking in quickly with a light and delicious scent. I also absolutely love the "Dual action body" in lavender. When shaken and sprayed, this light oil and water mist is super hydrating without a heavy feel. Plus, it also smells amazing. 

4. Tata Harper - I've heard a number of things about this line, but had somehow never tried it. Boy, was I missing out! Tata Harper manufactures all of their products in small batches themselves, no outsourcing, ensuring the highest quality every step of the way. With so many incredible products to choose from, it's hard to narrow down to a few. For these dry months, the "Hydrating Floral Essence" is a no-brainer. This mist, made with bioidentical Hyaluronic Acid, delivers all-day moisture to your deepest skin layers to help retain water where it matters most. It also helps to minimize pores and refine tone for a glowing complexion. Run, don’t walk, to get this.

5. Odacite -  What a gorgeous line! Following a breast cancer diagnosis, Valerie Grandbury embarked on a journey to remove toxins from her life. Not ready to sacrifice performance for purity, she started blending custom-made skincare for herself and her clients. Demand grew and Odacite was born. What should you not live without? The serum concentrates. They are magic. You can use them alone or add a few drops to your existing products to give you an extra punch. And with 18 different ones to choose from, you can target whatever issues you want to address. Specifically for summer, Po+R Hydration serum is incredible. It helps to achieve optimal skin hydration while balancing sebum production to control shine. It's also rich in acids known to reduce inflammation, enhance skin texture and help prevent UV damage. And, it smells ridiculously good.

6. Rahua - Rahua is a highly potent, restorative oil harvested deep in the Amazon rainforest. Unlike other botanical oils that simply coat the hair, the key to its performance is its incredibly small molecular structure. It deeply penetrates the hair cortex, both bonding and repairing it while it smoothes the hair's cuticle. I'm so happy I discovered Rahua's "Finishing Treatment." It strengthens hair and provides a glossy finish. Just a dab on damp hair is the perfect heat protector, prior to blow dry - working as a treatment when heat is applied. It has a creamy texture and fresh, minty smell.