The 5 Best Ways To Firm Your Neck This Winter


When it comes to anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products, often the most visible place we forget is our neck! With the colder weather coming, a seemingly simple solution to hiding wrinkles would be to grab a scarf or don a turtleneck. But if you don’t want to just hide the problem under layers of fabric, we’ve come up with five great firming solutions. From natural creams to Gwyneth Paltrow’s personal favorite fix, read on so you too can say “bye, girl” to wrinkles and unwanted lines.

The Whish Décolleté Firming Complex ($44) is a natural cream that is free of parabens, sulfates, DEA & TEA, petrochemicals and phthalate. With extracts of lentinus edodes, chamomile and organic cone flower, as well as Gotu Kola, shea butter and avocado oil, this natural solution will firm and hydrate your skin. Lines don’t stand a chance against the antioxidants from Vitamin C, Rice Bran Oil and Beta Glucan. It sounds almost as yummy as it feels! (but we don’t recommend eating it…)


If you’re looking for more of a posh cream to try, opt for the Clarins Super Restorative Décolleté and Neck Concentrate ($108). Loaded with organic Harungana and Montpellier Rock rose extracts, this concentrate leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated, soft and youthful again. It also fights wrinkles and diminishes age spots and dryness. Use it to rejuvenate your chest skin as well!



Sheet masks are all the rage lately, so it’s no surprise that Rodial came up with a Neck Mask ($65 for 8 sachets), which fittingly features their Snake Venom formula.  This sheet mask is all about lifting and freezing, and it works amazingly. With their signature SYN®-ake Dipeptide technology, your skin’s muscle cells contract, which instantly lifts and freezes the neck area. This mask can stay on for 20-30 minutes, and it’s recommended that you try not to move too much during that time so that it stays still and gives you the optimal result.


You really can’t go wrong if GP has put her seal of approval on an anti-wrinkle cream. Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Lifting Neck Cream ($55) is made with certified organic ingredients, and this particular formula is chock full of apple and grape fruit stem cells, which are infused into an organic resveratrol-rich grapeseed. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished while skin is smoothed out, thanks to peptides and algae.


If your beauty budget is tight this month, Garnier’s SkinActive Ultra Lift Anti Wrinkle Firming Night Cream ($16) is great wrinkle-fighting option. Apply on your neck and all over your face, get some shut-eye, and know that this cream is working its anti-aging magic while you’re getting some much-needed beauty rest. Packed with pro-retinol (a form of A, soybean and rice peptides), your skin will awaken feeling hydrated and smooth.