A Little Black Primer Goes A Long Way


I saw it, and I had to try it!  Estee Lauder premiered a new lash product called Little Black Primer ($24) and while I was skeptical, I also was intrituged.  It’s billed as a prep-step for your lashes.  A base to create fuller lashes that stay flexible and feel healthy.  Or, a lightweight mascara for a no makeup, “groomed” look, a “weekend” mascara. 

In the same way you would prep your hair for styling, this product is designed to prep your lashes for mascara.  It’s designed to tint, condition, amplify and curl lashes as a foundtaion for your mascara. And in the end, to use as a top coat to set your mascara and add a water-resistant sealant, improving the wear of your mascara and more imporntatly, reduce flaking and smudging.

So obviously a test drive was in order for this new wonder product.  First of all, I liked the subtle tint and I felt like I did get a bit of a lift or curl from it, but what I really loved was that the Mascara I applied didn’t smudge.  I used it on a model for a shoot, and even in the heat of the day and lights the mascara stayed put.  It’s not often that something new comes out and really is different, so snaps to Estee Lauder with a new product that actually lives up to it’s claims.  May I suggest that you market this to the “metrosexual” men as a natural looking alternative to Mascara?  I think it’s light enough and just changes the color of the lashes enough to be used as man-scara.  

Little Black Primer is available at Estee Lauder counters nation wide and www.esteelauder.com.