Say Goodbye to Glitter Polish with Ease


If you’re like us, and love the glittered nails look, then you probably also hate when it comes time to take it off! For some reason, glitter sticks to your nails like super glue and takes twice as long as your regular nail polish to remove. And let’s not even get started with the dirty looks from your manicurist! Worry no more, because the geniuses at butter LONDON have created Glitter Scrubbers ($12). They’re nail polish remover pads with a scouring side to help scrape off those tough glitter bits that just won’t go away, and a smooth side for additional clean up. Each remover pad is individually wrapped, making them perfect for travel! One wipe can clean all ten digits. So get your glitter on, girl!

Currently available at butter LONDON, Sephora, ulta and other beauty retailers.