Kale For Your Nails? Yes, Says Nails Inc


We know that eating kale is good for you, but have you ever heard of applying it to your nails? Nails Inc has recently launched a new nail care line called Nailkale.  Enriched with a kale extract known for its high amounts of vitamins A, C and K, it stimulates advanced keratin production while hydrating and nourishing as its absorbed by the nail. After four weeks of regular use, your nails will become stronger from your first application.

The Nailkale Colour Range comes in nine super fun colors, each containing Nails Inc’s Regenerating Complex (a two-fold Aldehyde, Zinc and Calcium blend). They each have a fun London locale name, ranging from Mayfair Lane (dusky pink) and Victoria & Albert (red & exclusive to Sephora) to Gloucester Walk (bright purple & exclusive to Sephora).

Nailkale colors are currently available online for $14 each, in stores and at Sephora (for exclusive colors).