Leah Rial: My 3 Fave Things

As a make-up artist, I am such a fan of so many products out there so I thought I’d let you in on my top three fave products this month.  For me, the list changes constantly as new products are launched and seasons change.  That being said, there are some staples that never go out of style or season for me, and I mean never! 

Original Eight Hour Image - New Line Packaging USA APO 1.4.12.jpg

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is something I have used both professionally and personally since I was in high school.  Nothing soothes chapped skin better.  It is a winter staple and as a make-up artist, it is the go-to product when I need something to look very moist or dewy in a photo.  Do you ever wonder how we get the models to look like their eyelids are glistening and have that “wet” look?  The answer is - the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.  Another tip: if you want your cheeks to look dewy and shine, pat a little Eight Hour Cream on them.  Voila!


The next two products I’m going to talk about are used together which are beautyblender  and the itech e energy water sprayer.  Beautyblender is a shape and texture that really allows you to get a perfect finish to your foundation that you wouldn’t be able to achieve with a brush or wedge sponge.  I don’t usually have a sink nearby on set when I’m doing make-up so to moisten the sponge, I use the I-tech e-energy water spray.  The water has a natural filtration system inside the bottle.  Unlike other water sprays, all of the water is ion charged, giving you healthy pH levels to combat environmental stress.  


Often, when I send my ladies off to events, I will “load” a beautyblender with a little extra foundation and put the damp sponge in a little plastic bag for them to touch up with throughout the night.  Not only will the sponge squeeze into the smallest evening bag, it’s lighter than a powder compact and I think touching up with the damp sponge looks better than powder.  These are three things that are always in my kit and I could not do my job without them.