Clinique’s A Different Nail Enamel – For Sensitive Skin Only

Nail technology has developed more within the past few years than it has in decades. From gels to scentless removers, innovation is changing the nail game and Clinique is now one of the pioneers. We weren't tipped-off to the potential irritation our nail polish could be causing our eyes and skin until the proud-to-be allergy-tested and 100% fragrance-free brand launched A Different Nail Enamel. Touching delicate eye areas with our glossy fingers could, for those with sensitive skin or allergies to chemical ingredients, lead to redness and dermatitis. Celebrity manicurist Christina Aviles says sufferers aren’t typically connecting their weekly manicure to consistent and bothersome skin ailments. Aviles personally converted to the new line as she knows firsthand the skin-irritating effects of mainstream polishes, “I have very sensitive skin and eyes and gratefully have had no reaction to Clinique’s line.”

Clinique scientists took to their labs for a full six years, perfecting the polish formula, ensuring their new dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested color coatings wouldn’t compromise quality or performance.  Result? A spectrum of high-shine shades that dry fast and are virtually identical to most polishes on the market, without the risk of skin reactions. Our favorite shade? Black Honey, the hue inspired by Clinique’s iconic, flatters-every-complexion lipstick shade. Aviles says to look for itchy cuticles, redness around your nails and a sensitive nail plate after removing polish to try and pinpoint if you have a potential allergy to your usual polish. “Many allergic skin reactions aren’t acute, meaning they don’t happen immediately,” explains Aviles, “so you may not associate the exact cause of irritation or sensitivity.” If you have any question, take a mini-polish break then give Clinique a go.  Aviles says, “Even if you’re the person who just consciously avoids extra or unnecessary chemicals could find these polishes the perfect fit.”