Boo! Last-Minute Halloween Makeup Tips

That’s right, we’re talking about you. Time flew by and you realized that Halloween is, um, tomorrow! Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We asked some of our favorite celebrity makeup artists and manicurists for their quick Halloween fixes. From ghoulish looking zombies to Maleficent makeup tips and fun festive nails, you’ll no longer stand out as the person with a paper bag over your face. We know you’ve tried it at least once.

Walking Dead Zombie by Makeup Artist Julianne Kaye  


No time to find a costume? Easily paint your face like a zombie from The Walking Dead in less than 15 minutes with lipstick, concealer and gray or blue eyeliner. I did this look on myself with the available items in my bathroom when I was invited to a last-minute party a few days ago. The veins were created with a blue pencil and I also applied a red lip liner in my waterline. 

DIY Candy Corn Nails by Manicurist Angel Williams


For Candy Corn nail art, put a different spin on it by giving the colors a collage effect.  First, paint nails with a white base nail color (let dry for 2 minutes). Then, dab a small piece of a cosmetics sponge into a yellow polish color, then into an orange polish color.  Next, tap the sponge lightly on to a dry white base color. Finally, apply a top coat.

Creating An Eye “Mask” by Makeup Artist Chantal Moore   
A fast, beautiful and mysterious Halloween eye "mask" can be easily painted on using your favorite wet-dry or richly pigmented eye shadow or liner pencils. Make it fun with shimmer. Hold it in place with a makeup-setting mist spray for long wear. Shape the mask to your desire and clean up edges with facial cleansing/makeup removing wipes. 

Fashionable Day of the Dead Nails by Manicurist Michelle Saunders   

Halloween is a great time to have fun with nail art. It can be subtle or elaborate, based on your preference. I really enjoyed the 'Day Of The Dead' nails I designed for Rebecca Minkoff last season at New York Fashion Week.

A Halloween Eye Transformation by Makeup Artist Su Han   


Try the Halloween colored contact lens for the most drastic, quickest and easiest transformation. Imagine cat eyes, Twilight vampire-like gold eyes, or even bionic eyes.

No Costume? Use Your Face Instead by Makeup Artist Jill Powell  
If you don't have time to go out and buy a costume, make your face your costume with makeup. Some ideas are a Sugar Skull/Dia de Los Muertos, Pop-Art comic character, zombie or cat. A go to product to achieve these looks is the Flash Palette by Make Up For Ever. 

Halloween is a Makeup Artist’s Fantasy Day by Makeup Artist & beautyblender Creator Rea Ann Silva   


Halloween is like a makeup artist’s Christmas. It’s a time where we realize all of our fantasies publicly - with a skill set that is bar none! This [pic] was always one of my faves… so funny and unexpected [use of beautyblender]!

A Magnificent Maleficent by Makeup Artist Alexandra Schafer  


To start, first choose a foundation base at least one or two shades lighter than your own skin tone (blend in with a beautyblender).  It will add elegance and mystery and give you a more ethereal quality. Next, darken your eyebrows at least a shade or two to frame the eyes for a commanding and intense gaze, like a magnificent bird of prey, but try to keep the lines natural.  Now for the eyes, create a strong smoky eye base in black and brown with a yellow center accent tone (Maleficent Eyeshadow Set by MAC).  Use waterproof black eyeliner to outline inside and outside of the lash line.  Add false eyelashes (Eyelashes by Velour) for a final touch.

Moving down, it's very important to contour the cheekbones.  They should be dramatic and a bit over the top.  Use a deep shading tone directly under the cheekbones and a lighter tone on top of your cheekbones as highlighter (Contouring Palette by MAC).  If you don't have a contouring shading set, you can use a light vanilla and a light brown eye shadow, or a deep bronzer as substitutes.  To find your own optimum placement of contouring, suck in your cheeks and start in the dimple created, working upwards to the top of your ears.  Really go for it!  This is the moment where you change your face dramatically.  Choose a daring red lip (MAC Russian Red or MAC Red) to finish, and you are ready to cast your spell.   Powder your finished look with a loose powder.