Noyah Gives Back, One Social Media Posting at a Time

Giving back is truly a click away!  noyah is an all-natural, kosher lip balm company which has created a charitable social media campaign. For every image of this delectable lip balm posted on social media, noyah donates a free lip balm to The National Health Care for the Homeless Council (NHCHC).  The NHCHC assists people and families who are homeless or low income.  Founder Dr. Josh Gordon explains why he created this charitable initiative via social media: "Incorporating a social component into any start-up has always been important to us, and we look for places where we can make an impact even as an Indie company.”

During the time the company was planning their product launches in October 2012, noyah was located in Brooklyn, where Hurricane Sandy hit. With trepidation and anticipation, they awaited two long weeks to finally find out that their products were safe and sound. Unfortunately, many homes were damaged, leaving multitudes of people homeless.  Gordon realized this was an opportunity to give back.  He explains, “People are wandering the streets, and while their first concern is shelter and food, in the cold – lips chap, and we make lip balm. So that's where the idea of working with a homeless shelter came from. We contacted the National Healthcare for the Homeless council and told them this story, and they thought it made sense. And so, our partnership began!” So, go ahead and snap that pic on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and know that you’ve given back to someone less fortunate.