Donate What You Like For 100 Percent Pure's New Organic Skin Care Line - Today Only


To celebrate the first launch day of 100% Pure's new Certified Organic Skin Care Line, they are offering a "Pay What You Feel Is Fair" program in all of their stores.  As a 100% cruelty-free brand and bonafide animal lover, 100% of all proceeds generated today will be donated to the Forget Me Not Farm, a non-profit animal organization that Co-founder Susie Wang is passionate about. That's right! Pop in to one of their 12 stores, 'pay what you feel is fair' for any one item in their new skin care collection and know that your donation will go directly to their chosen charity. 

Check out our Q&A sesh with Susie as she tells us all about her new Skin Care launch (which includes yummy fragrances such as Rose and Cucumber) and what inspired her to create this charitable program. 

Your new Certified Organic Skin Care Line is amazing! Can you tell us a little about why this new line is so unique to the brand?
Creating a Certified Organic Skin care line was always our goal and we sought out to find the best ingredients for different types of skin. With four new lines launching on the 8th, there is one that is for everyone. 100% Pure’s new high potency, rose water, cucumber juice, and matcha collections (designed for age correction, sensitive skin, intense hydration, and age prevention, respectively), all of which include some combination of a nourishing moisturizer, serum, foaming cleanser, and toner. It’s unique to the brand because a lot of makeup brands don’t specialize in vegan or natural skin care as well but we do – as an organic brand we strive to prove it can be good for you without any chemicals or toxins in the products and still work to protect and hydrate aging skin.

What inspired you to create the “Pay What You Feel is Fair” program? 
We believe in the model because there is real, immediate danger with women putting the wrong products on their skin, especially their face, and we want to educate as many women as possible that there is an alternative product that works. Therefore, if we can make it affordable for everyone to try and help support a local organization that is close to our heart, we will aim to do that all at once.

Is this the first time you’ve launched this type of program?
Yes, this is the first time but we have received a lot of interest in it and really want to invite people into one of our 12 stores to try the products because we know everyone will love them.

Your brand is super healthy and clean! Are you surprised by the heightened interest in consumers wanting vegan, organic beauty products? 
We knew that when we started no one else was going to be able to do what we did but now the customers want it more than ever. They don’t want chemicals or paragons on their skin. They want to know that brands are being honest and transparent with them about the ingredients and great products can be created using all natural ingredients that are good for the skin. We are proud that since 2005, we have been able to deliver on this promise.