'Younger' Hair and Makeup Glam Team Chat About Their Gorgeous Cast & Tips For Staying Youthful Looking


TVLand’s Younger is the show that we’d all like to live vicariously through (er, those of us in our 40’s and older). Perhaps it’s even become ourSATC replacement with the show boasting creator Darren Star and legendary Costume Consultant Pat Field. The show is based around Liza (played by broadway veteran Sutton Foster), a 40-year-old posing as a twenty-something while attempting to get her foot back in the door of the publishing world after taking time off to raise her teen daughter. We just had to find out how Liza maintains her outward youth, so we asked Hair Department Head Anne Marie Bradley and Makeup Department Head Eldo Ray Estes to divulge. Of course, we also got the scoop on what it’s like working on such a fun show, how they stay “on-trend” with looks, and what’s in their set bags.

We’re absolutely obsessed with the show, Younger. How excited were you when you found out you were working on a Darren Star show
ANNE MARIE BRADLEY: Very excited! I was a huge fan of Sex & The City; everything about it! I felt it captured a perfect view of single life in Manhattan at the time. Fulfilling every girl’s fantasy of awesome hair, makeup, clothes and dream shoes to match. Younger is so much fun to work on because Darren has managed to create yet another show that is representative of the current NYC life, but of course now Brooklyn is where it's at!  
ELDO RAY ESTES:  Great question!  I am a graduate of the world of Daytime Drama, having spent over ten years helming CBS' As The World Turns.  So I know about beautiful women.  When that show ended, I said on more than one occasion "I need to be on a Darren Star Show!" Then, when I heard about Younger I jumped on it.  The Universe did its thing and here we are.  So for the record, I am extremely proud to work on a Darren Star show.  Darren is a genius... and a really nice guy, too!

You work with such a gorgeous cast! What’s it like working with all of these beautiful faces?
AMB: The cast is stunning - it makes doing hair pretty easy. I have to admit even mistakes look cool.
ERE: I share these duties with my talented partner Anette Lian-Williams.  We are the only show on air where five of the seven principal characters are women!!  Our peers often express their envy as they work on cop shows and the like... and don't get to have nearly the fun that we do.  And yes, we have one gorgeous cast of women... and men!  It's wonderful.


The show revolves a lot around millennials who especially on this show have the trendiest looks. How do you stay on trend when working with the characters? Do you refer to any favorite websites?
ERE: I began my career in retail and would often be forced to sell the newest makeup products to everyone...the newest "trends."   I learned back then that each face is individual and that the "trends" don't work on everyone. I still feel that way today.  So I am really not one to follow "trends.”  The ladies on Younger are kept up to date with what's new but still done [up] to suit their individual faces and what is correct for their characters. I do follow some of my favorite makeup artists on Instagram for inspiration as well as maintaining close relationships with various cosmetics companies that keep us stocked on what's new and hot!!  We are lucky.

Some of the characters on the show sport the coolest braid or updo to the ever-popular beach wave look. How challenging is it to constantly come up with trendy and youthful looks?
AMB: We do really film most of our show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There are a lot of artists, musicians and just people with their own cool style so it's easy to look around and be inspired.    


Tell us about the most over-the-top beauty moment you’ve had to create on Younger
ERE: I would have to say parading through Time Square with Sutton Foster dressed up as Princess Pam Pam would be that moment so far.   Sporting a fur bikini and six inch heels we transformed her into a true Glamazon.  Her entire body was covered in Becca Champagne Pop highlighter. It was a stunning moment!

Since the show is based on the main character trying to look younger, what is your advice on hair length/style as you get older and wanting to maintain a youthful appearance?
AMB: Keep up with what's happening in fashion. If you’re wearing the same style for more than five years, it’s time for an update. You always want to go with a length that flatters your face, and a color that enhances your skin tone. As we age, our face shape and skin tone change, so your hair needs to change with them. Every ten years hairstyle trends change, and an easy way to keep up is to check Pinterest every now and then.

Here’s the million dollar question for those of us out there who are not a millennial but want to look like one like Liza’s character. What makeup tip can you give us to make us look like we’ve found the fountain of youth?
ERE: You cannot keep wearing the same makeup you wore in your teen years.  Put that heavy pencil drawn under and inside the lower lid away. You want to keep the focus up.  A well-defined brow, soft shadows (stay away from grey!!) and a sharp top line while keeping the lower eye clean will give you a fresh lift.  Also, keep powder to a minimum. It is not your friend. Try a cream blush and keep it dewy.  The Diorskin Nude Air Luminizer from Christian Dior is a staple on Liza to give her skin that fantastic finish.


What are some beauty product must-haves that you carry in your set bag with you?
AMB: R&Co Vicious Strong Hold Flexible Hairspray and Outer Space Flexible Hairspray are easy to work with. Ouai Texturizing Spray and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray are awesome for adding instant volume quickly and they smell amazing! Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine is another favorite as it takes the puff out of hair and makes it look sexy. And, when I need to break up a style a little and want more movement, I love R&Co Mannequin Paste.
ERE: Dior Lip Glow in pink.  Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Invisible Face Powder. Chanel Correcteur Perfection Concealers. Christian Dior Universal Brow Definer. Shiseido Oil-Blotting Papers.

The season finale of Younger airs on Wed., Dec. 14th with back-to-back episodes at 10pm and 10:30pm ET/PT.