Days of Our Lives’ Kate Mansi Talks SoCal Surfer Hair & Why She’s an Ice Queen


If you’re a die-hard Days of Our Lives fan (like I am!), then you’ll have followed the many twists and turns of actress Kate Mansi’s character, Abby Deveraux, over the past five years.  Working on set for up to 15 hours a day can lead to several hair and makeup changes, which can wreak havoc on the skin and hair but Kate has some secret beauty tips that she’s divulged to us.  A Southern California girl at heart, her latest hair transition from blonde back to her natural brunette not only made her happy on the outside, but has her also feeling like her old self on the inside. We chatted it up with Kate and talked soap opera skincare and how she chills out (literally!).  

You’re a native SoCal girl. Do you abide by the natural, surfer girl look when it comes to hair and makeup?
I’m such a bad SoCal girl because I would take the mountains over the beach any day (and somehow I still ended up at Pepperdine)!  To answer your question though, I do abide by the natural girl look when it comes to hair and makeup. I had never dyed my hair until the show, and the concept of spending hours in a salon to get it blonde was something I never quite got used to. On a day I’m not working, my prep time is very simple: tinted sunscreen (VERY IMPORTANT), a quick brush of mascara and a smoothing serum in my hair, if necessary.

Let’s talk hair. You’re actually a natural brunette. Who does your color and how do you maintain such gorgeous hair?
YES! I am SO glad to be back to my roots - the blonde was an exciting change but I definitely have more fun as a brunette because I feel like ME. Mel Melkasian at Lukaro Salon in Beverly Hills does my coloring. She kept my hair in such good condition as a blonde by doing tons of treatments and deep conditioning to minimize and prevent any damage. With the amount of hair changes I have on a daily basis with the show, the heat can really do some damage if you aren’t careful - especially if it is colored. Mel made my transition from blonde to brunette as smooth as possible and always prioritizes maintaining the integrity of the hair in its most natural state. SO lucky I found her.

I have become a nut about finding healthy hair tricks and here are my faves: Coconut Oil at least 2x/wk, Hair Sunscreen… I recently learned that UV rays can also damage the hair and scalp - especially if you have colored it! So I protect mine with a lightweight hair sunscreen like Rene Furterer Sun Care Protective Summer Fluid KPF 90 (it’s only $23 and smells great!).


If we raided your handbag, what beauty products would we find?
La Roche Posay tinted sunscreen, EO hand sanitizer, Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder - I am obsessed with this powder! It’s lightweight and helps prevent breakouts in addition to providing great coverage which is super important for me while shooting 15 hour days and having to re-apply makeup often. Burts Bees Vanilla Chapstick, Brow Power Unversal Eye Pencil by it Cosmetics. I try very hard to use cruelty-free products as much as possible which is why I love it Cosmetics, NYX, Burts Bees, EO and Michael Todd.

Working on a busy soap opera, you must go through many hair and makeup changes. How do you maintain your skin? Do you have a specific skin care regimen that you follow?
This is a tricky one because your skin changes depending on so many factors. When I am on hiatus I have a rule for myself: no makeup and no heat on hair (unless there’s an event/shoot). I have learned it is very important for my skin that I give it a break.

My biggest secret weapon is icing… I know it sounds strange, but seriously, ice is my hero.  After washing my face I rub an ice cube over it (gently and not staying in one place to avoid burn). It closes your pores and reduces blemishes just like ice reduces inflammation to an injury. It has significantly changed my skin and I swear by it now.

When I am working, this is my routine:

Wash then ice
Tinted Sunscreen (La Roche Posay)
Sunscreen on hands and neck (women often forget this important step but most of our sun damage to these areas happens during our commute drive time)

Coconut oil to remove makeup
Wash face (TWICE if I have been in makeup for a full day)
Moisturize with Epicuren
Dr. Perricone eye cream - applied with Michael Todd eye eraser brush
Michael Todd facial and body brush is a fantastic exfoliator I just got and use once a week also.

Mason Pearson soft brush and [apply] repair rescue spray or coconut oil on the ends of my hair.

Where do you go to chill in LA on your down time? Fave spa/treatment?
I love to go to the park with my dog and read, hike the Santa Monica mountains or get in a great workout with my home yoga studio I train at [called] Corepower.  I have been creative with my fitness lately since I am recovering from a fit injury I got [while] training for a marathon.  What I miss most is my hot yoga so instead I have been going to infrared saunas for a minimum of 30 minutes to sweat out toxins and detoxify. Very centering and relaxing experience that surprisingly also burns calories! I also really enjoy cooking so I love to go to the Melrose/Larchmont Farmers Market when possible to get locally grown veggies to prepare my food for the week. Café Gratitude, Erewhon and Whole Foods are my weaknesses as well.