Founder Maud’s of Beverly Hills Victoria O’Brien on the art of the Lash Extension & Wax Business and Tips on How To Extend the Life of Your Lashes


May lash extensions never go out of style! If you’ve never had lash extensions applied, walk, no run, to Maud’s of Beverly Hills based in…you got it, Beverly Hills. Founded by beauty entrepreneur Victoria O’Brien, this sophisticated salon houses top-notch Cosmetologist Jennifer Garcia who artfully applies Xtreme Lash Extensions, waxing and even nail services. We chatted with Victoria and Jennifer and got the 411 on lash extensions and maintenance, why Maud’s stands out from all the other salons in LA, and how not to arrive when getting your lashes done (it might upset your cosmetologist!)

Eyelash extensions have been trending for quite a few years now. What inspired you to want to open up your own salon that features lash extensions and more spa services such as waxing?
VICTORIA O’BRIEN: I have lived in quite a few countries and have been lucky enough to enjoy many salons and spas, so based on that, I had a clear vision from the start of what Maud’s was going to be and what it wasn’t going to be. Delivering a service to clients that was above their expectation was my main driver. So whether it be through lash extensions or our wax service, Maud's is about people as much as it is about the services we offer. 

What type of lashes do you use and why? 
VO: We use Xtreme Lashes for our lash extensions and Lycon Wax for our waxing services. When I decided on the products, they had to align with the level of excellence I demand and had to compete globally as well as locally.  Both brands are the best in the market and they have held that position for many years. Lycon Wax has been around since the 70’s and it’s constantly evolving. I first heard about it in the 90’s when the Spice Girls famously raved about it. It was launched in Dubai when I lived there in 2011 and the salon who used it were booked for weeks in advance! 


What’s your number one tip in maintaining your lashes?
JENNIFER GARCIA: Keeping them clean. If you do wear makeup, just make sure you’re removing it at night because it spreads, it travels on the face. If any makeup is sitting on the adhesive while you’re sleeping, it’s slowly breaking down the adhesive. Your lashes might not fall out right away but it’s slowly breaking the bond so you’ll lose them quicker than you would actually if they were always clean.
VO: We recommend the Xtreme Lashes ‘Makeup Remover and Cleanser’. It’s oil free and designed to be used with lash extensions. Oil breaks down lash adhesive, so be sure to avoid it. Always remember that while they feel like your own lashes, they aren’t. 

As a client, is there anything a client can do prior to meeting you, for either a first time application or fill-in, in terms of skin prep or a clean face?
JG: Yes, definitely a clean face. Some places recommend that you don’t wear any makeup 24 hours beforehand just because any residue can affect the bond with the adhesive. But yea, so having clean eyes, no makeup. And then also it helps with the application.

So your worst nightmare is when someone comes in in full makeup?
JG: (laughs) Yes. Definitely. And then especially waterproof mascara. Sometimes even face cleaners won’t remove it and then it causes breakage in trying to remove it off the client.

As a business owner in LA, what sets Mauds of Beverly Hills apart from the other lash extension competition in the city? 
VO: There are a few wonderful lash salons in this city. In fact I have a great relationship with some of the business owners. As Maud’s is named after my grandmother, first and foremost I wanted to reflect her personality and class in all that I did in terms of the fit out. There are lots of ‘Maudisms’ dotted around the salon such as her favorite mints, her love of velvet and chandeliers and even a framed Vogue cover for the year of her birthday. It all gives the salon a very old world feel which is very different to many salons in our area. The focus is our client and making sure they love their time in Maud's. Like I mentioned before, I exclusively selected a range of products which means there are no surprises for our clients, they can rely on the same quality every time. 

I also reach out to personally to all of our lash clients, post service with advice on maintenance and to keep an open dialogue. This has been praised by many clients as being a point of difference in the service we offer. So, in short, I don’t think I set out to set us apart. I set out to create a brand that people could trust and rely on all while offering best in class service. 

If we raided your handbag, what beauty products would we find? 
VO: Hahaha, I have 3 children so right now in my bag you will find lots of Lego bricks, and kids Kleenex! Actually, I cannot leave home without my Maud’s lip balm (a little free gift we give to our clients) and a lash brush! 

And lastly, can you divulge one of your beauty skincare secrets? 
VO: 9 hours sleep a night! If you can’t do that then I recommend lash extensions. That way you can look like you’ve slept.