Tech Host Katie Linendoll Doesn’t Fear Eye Makeup & Favors The 80’s

Katie Linendoll

You may have seen Tech Host Katie Linendoll on the Today Show chatting it up about the new Apple watch or scuba-diving on CNN, but we got to know another side of her. With us she chatted away about her mad eye make-up skills for girls who wear glasses and divulged to us her love of some nostalgic 80’s hair and makeup products.

This Emmy award-winning TV personality is known for her sass and high energy. She got her start working at ESPN2 as a host on SportZone and would move on to become an Associate Producer for ESPN’s Sportscenter where she produced Emmy award-winning work. She spent the next several years at HSN as their resident technology expert. Nowadays, you’ll find Katie talking about the hottest tech gear and trends on the Today Show, CNN and in a CES series for Popular Science.

Read on to find out some great eye make-up tips, who helps Katie look so glamorous and why crimping and Lip Smackers are cool again.

Can you tell us one of your eye makeup tips to make eyes pop more for girls who wear glasses?
Girls that wear glasses shouldn’t be afraid to bump it up a bit! I go big on my eyes to make sure they shine through my lenses. That can be a challenge, especially when I’m on-camera, and especially considering the crazy styles of frames I love. A few products that are my favorites for eyes: I love Inglot black gel liner (for a great thick cat eye, check out the AMC eyeliner gel #77). The Galapagos shade of NARS Shimmer Eyeshadow is one of my favorites for a deep crease. And I’m also not afraid to experiment with colors. For example: Urban Decay Electric Palette! Lately, I’ve been wearing these dramatic temporary tattoo eye liners I found on Etsy. They come in all kinds of artistic designs, and you can work them in with liquid liner. I recently wore them on a red carpet, and they were a hit!


When you're on-camera, you wear a lot of makeup, which can be tough on your skin. What products do you use to properly take care of your skin? 
My hair and makeup artist, Deana Hawk, deserves so much credit here. She makes sure that my skin is well cared-for underneath all the makeup. I’ve found that base products are key for smooth and healthy skin, and for flawless foundation application. She starts off with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, Lancôme La Base Pro and finishes with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.  For me, the key is to not cake it on. I want it to look great on camera, but I also want to be able to go out later that day and not have to wipe my makeup off. I also want to add that skincare isn’t just about the makeup. Eating healthy foods and working out regularly are also top priorities for me.

On another note, Deana is also brilliant when it comes to my hair. She is always trying out new styles, and that really makes my TV appearances even more fun. Today, for example, it was her idea for me to wear three blue braids on the TODAY show. Last week, she put me in Princess Leia braid buns as I covered WWE WrestleMania. I have to say, creative vision involves teamwork!

Do you have a favorite beauty tech product?
If I had to choose one favorite beauty tech product, it would be my Bed Head Totally Bent Crimper.  I love crimping a few pieces of hair and going for a unique look! Crimpers aren't the easiest tools to find these days, but this is a reliable one, and you can buy it on Amazon.

Do you have a favorite beauty app? 
I can't get enough of the free makeover app Perfect365. You upload your photo and then it lets you experiment with different looks. It even points out the things you don’t want people to see. I use it for tips on smoothing out skin and covering circles under my eyes.

If we grabbed your handbag and poured it out, what beauty products would we find? No judgment here. 
I only carry lip gloss! And don’t judge - I like the fun Lip Smackers. I’m currently carrying the Queen of Hearts in Cruel Candy Apple.