From Wall Street to Beverly Hills – A Nail Salon is Born

What do you get when the East Coast meets the West Coast in the nail biz? You get a nail salon in Beverly Hills called Olive + June created by New Yorker and former financier Sarah Gibson Tuttle. She cleverly named the business after her great-grandmother and grandmother; matriarchs who instilled the importance of having a good heart and high standards. Having worked on Wall Street for ten years in New York, Sarah headed west to make a big career change. While scared at the same time to start her own business, Sarah’s love for the beauty industry made her excited about her new venture. Following her heart, her husband and the desire for constant LA sunshine, Sarah opened up her first Olive + June salon in Beverly Hills in August 2013.

With treatments such as The Margot (a mani/pedi treatment using all organic, CA-based brands) to The Dree (a natural looking nail treatment), there’s something for every nail-obsessed gal who just wants a bit of extra pampering and one-on-one attention from their manicurist. We sat down with Sarah to find out what makes her nail salon different than all the others in LA, what spring nail color she’s obsessed with and her honest advice on taking the leap into a brand new career.  

There is literally a nail salon on every corner in NY. While that’s not quite the case in LA yet, what inspired you to want to start up your own salon?
There are a ton of nail salon options everywhere, but there wasn't an option that had all of the elements that I wanted in a nail salon.

What makes Olive & June different from other nail salons, aside from it’s ridiculously cute name?
Hopefully everything! We try to think of all of the extras that clients would want, including over 500 polish and gel colors, online booking, client preferences on file, sterilization of our tools, the best magazines, and a comfy seat where they can get a little rest and relaxation for a while. We also have the best team of manicurists and nail artists in town.

What’s your favorite nail polish color for spring?
CND Shellac's Field Fox

What advice would you give to other aspiring female beauty entrepreneurs?
Nike said it best: Just do it! It's scary but I truly believe that everyone is capable of believing and achieving anything they want.

What’s next for you?
Opening the second Olive & June!

Olive + June is located at 430 N. Canon Drive in Beverly Hills.